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   Dwight F. Cameron, attorney-at-law and president of the South Chicago City Railroad Company and of the Hammond, Whitting & East Chicago Railroad Company, was born in Peterboro, Madison county, New York, in 1835. The years of his boyhood and youth were spent in the east and in 1854 he became a resident of Ottawa, where he took up the study of law. After thorough preliminary reading he was admitted to the bar in 1858, successfully passing an examination conducted by a committee whose members were Hon. E. S. Eiland, General W. H. L. Wallace, who was killed at the battle of Shiloh, Oliver T. Gray and Washington Bushnell, who was afterward attorney general of Illinois.
   Following his admission to the bar Mr. Cameron located for practice in Ottawa, where he remained until 1870, during which period he made proof of his ability to master the intricate problems of the profession through the careful handling of his cases. Each point bearing upon the suit was given due prominence and he won many notable forensic triumphs, which gained him recognition as one of the strong members of the La Salle county bar. Seeking a still broader field for professional activity, he removed to Chicago in 1870, and has since been a resident of the metropolis of the west, where he has been largely interested in corporation work. He has confined his attention largely to corporation law and has thoroughly qualified for successful practice in this department of the profession. He is now located with offices at No. 405 First National Bank Building, and is regarded as a safe counselor upon all matters relating to corporation law. Moreover, he is the president of the South Chicago City Railroad Company and of the Hammond, Whiting & East Chicago Railroad Company, and in this connection his efforts have had important bearing upon the city's development, for there is no one element that affects more largely the progress and promotion of the city than its transportation facilities. During the later period of his residence in La Salle county Mr. Cameron was also an officer of the Fox River Valley Railroad and was largely instrumental in securing the building of that line through the county. In his business career he has always been quick to note and utilize possibilities, to look through the exegencies of the moment to the possibilities of the future and has thus labored along lines of progress, the value of which continues from the present into the future.
   Mr. Cameron is well known in club circles. He was one of the early members of the Union League Club, the foremost organization of this character in Chicago, and he belongs to St. Andrews Society and the La Salle County Association. Widely known, the circle of his friends is almost co-extensive with the circle of his acquaintance. He is pleasantly located in an attractive home at No. 3014 Madison avenue.

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