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Mrs. Orpia Davis was born April 4, 1807, in Madison county, N.Y., and is a daughter of John and Deborah (Foster) Pomeroy, of Connecticut. She was educated in the common schools of the district, and afterward passed one year at the Hamilton Academy; she taught school for five summers, and was married in September, 1835, to Robert Davis, an Eastern farmer, born in June, 1808. Mrs. Davis is the mother of 2 children, viz.: Jos. C., born Jan. 12, 1840, deceased June 8, 1871; and Roanna, born Jan. 17, 1837, now Mrs. I. Longyear. Mr. D. came West immediately after marriage, driving his own vehicle through Canada; arrived at Grass Lake village and entered 160 acres three miles southeast, where he resided until 1851, when the family moved into the village. Mr. Davis and his son-in-law, Mr. Longyear, died in 1869. The former was a merchant in Grass Lake until the period of his death, a man of excellent habits and comparatively successful in each business he had undertaken.

Source: History of Jackson County, Michigan. Chicago: Inter-State Publishing Co., 1881, pp. 854-855.



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