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Sally Maria Gold, 1st child of Captain Hezekiah Gold, Jr. and Rachel (Wadsworth) Gold, ws born October 19, 1789, and died January 28, 1847. She married March 4, 1810, Hon Edward Rogers, b. May 30, 1789, and died May 29, 1857, oldest son of Captain Edward and Hannah (Jackson) Rogers. He graduated at Williams College, studied law at Litchfield, Conn., settled and practiced at Madison, Madison County, New York. He was a member of the New York Constitutional Convention, Judge of the Madison County Common Pleas Court and representative in Congress. They had three children, all of whom died without issue (Rogers):

1. Hezekiah Gold, b. February 22, 1811; Yale 1831; practiced law at Pittsburgh, Pa.
2. Sarah Maria, b. July 30, 1820.
3. Edward, b. July 20, 1825; d. December 26, 1847.

Samuel Wadsworth Gold,2d child of Captain Hezekiah Gold, Jr. and Rachael (Wadsworth) Gold, was born September 27, 1794, at Cornwall, Conn., and died there September 10, 1869, aged 75. He married at Madison, N.Y., April 17, 1817, Phoebe Cleveland, daughter of Erastus and Rebecca Cleveland. She died November 29, 1869, aged 73 years.

Dr. S. W. Gold graduated at William College, 1814; studied Medicine at Pittsfield, Mass., and Yale, licensed to practice, 1817; honorary degree, M. D., Yale 1834; practiced first at Madison, N.Y., then five years at Cornwall; then at Goshen, Conn., until 1842, when he returned to Cornwall and in 1845, with his son, T. S. Gold, established the Cream Hill Agricultural School, which was conducted successfully for 24 years. This was a pioneer development for America as for the world. He was state senator, 1847-1859. Children:
1. Theodore Sedgwick, b. March 2, 1818, at Madison, N.Y.
2. Mary Elizabeth, b. November 21, 1820; d. April 6, 1821.
3. Julia Lorain, b. June 24, 1824.

Theodore Sedgwick Gold, 1st child of Dr. Samuel W. Gold and Phoebe (Cleveland) Gold, was born March 2, 1818, at Madison, N.Y., and died March 19, 1906 at West Cornwall, Conn. He married, 1st, September 13, 1843, Caroline E. Lockwood, daughter of Charles and Eunice Lockwood of Bridgeport, Conn., by whom he had five children. She died April 25, 1857, aged 32. Mr. Gold married, 2d, April 4, 1859, Mrs. Emmaline (Tracy) Baldwin, daughter of A. W. Tracy of Rockville, Conn., by whom he had four children. Mr. Gold graduated at Yale in 1838 and studied there one year after graduation. He taught at the Goshen and Waterbury academies three years and in 1842 went to Cornwall to conduct the ancestral farm at Cream Hill, which was the original Hezekiah Gold farm, the estate of James Douglas, the original settler. In 1845, associated with his father, he established the first agricultural school in the United States, the Cream Hill School. He taught there 24 years. The School was a direct ancestor of the Connecticut Agricultural Experiment Station and of the Connecticut Agricultural College, Storrs College, later the University of Connecticut. He was a life member of the Connecticut State Agricultural Society and a trustee of the State Agricultural College, 1881 to 1901. He was a member of national agricultural and forestry societies. In 1866, at the establishment of the Connecticut Board of Agriculture, he was chosen secretary and held that office many years. He published a history of Cornwall in 1877 and a second history in 1904.

The Liberty ship T. S. Gold was launched January 23, 1945, at the yards of the New England Shipbuilding Corporation at South Portland, Maine.

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