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(III) Eleazer Hill, son of John Hill (q.v.), was born at Dorchester. Massachusetts, June 29, 1664. He settled in Sherborn, Massachusetts, with others of the family among the early settlers. and was a taxpayer as early as 1684. He drew land in Sherborn in 1696 and died prior to 1730. In 1715 he drew land in New Sherborn, afterward called Douglass, in Worcester county, Massachusetts, and in 1730 fortythree acres of land in Douglass were drawn in his right. His wife Sarah died July 6, 1699. Children, born at Sherborn: Eleazer, mentioned below; Sarah, November 30, 1690; Solomon, December 27, 1691.

IV) Dr. Eleazer (2) Hill, son of Eleazer (I) Hill, was born in Sherborn, January 1, 1688. As Eleazer Jr. he drew land in Douglass in 1715 and 1730, but he made his home in Sherborn and practiced there. He married. August 18, 1711, _______ . Children, born in Sherborn; Asa. February 20, 1712-13; William, mentioned below; Joseph, August 23, 1718; Rebecca, March 6, 172122, married (first) Joseph Cousins, and (second) Patrick Shays, October 30, 1765, the father of Daniel Shays, who became famous as the leader of Shays’ Rebellion; Elizabeth, January 30, 1723-24; Ruth, February 26, 1726-27; Daniel, February 22, 1732-33, died September, 1735.

(V) William, son of Dr. Eleazer (2) Hill, was born at Sherborn, June 23, 1715. He settled in his native town. He married there, February 19, 1740, Joanna, born August 28, 1715, daughter of John and Joanna Sawin, of Sherborn. Her father was born June 26, 1689, in Sherborn, son of Thomas Sawin, born September 27, 1657, at Watertown, Massachusetts, married Deborah Rice, born February 14, 1659-60, daughter of Mathew and Martha (Lamson) Rice, of Sudbury, granddaughter of the pioneer, Edmund Rice. Thornas Sawin was a millwright on Chestnut Brook, Sherborn, where he had a home lot assigned to him, May 13, 1679, and he built the first mill in the town. Afterwards he removed to the adjoining town of Natick. John Sawin, father of Thomas Sawin, was son of Robert Sawin, of Boxford, county Suffolk, England; he was a pioneer at Watertown; married Abigail Manning. William Hill died in September, 1775. Children of William and Joanna (Sawin) Hill, born at Sherborn; Susanna, January 26, 1741-42, died young; Miriam, February 14, 1743-44 Zedakiah, October 4, 1746; Daniel, mentioned below; Jesse, November 15, 1749; Susanna, about 1756; at Holliston, formerly part of Sherborn, Joanna.

(VI) Daniel, son of William Hill, was born in Sherborn, May 1, 1748. He was a soldier in the revolution, serving in Captain Joseph Morse's company, Colonel John Paterson's regiment, from April 24 to August 1, 1775, credited to the town of Natick, according to the official rolls. As the births of some of his children were recorded in Natick, he must have lived there during the revolution. He took part in the battle of Bunker Hill and is said to have served several years in the revolution. He removed to Sangerfield, New York, then to New Hartford, New York, and finally to the town of Fenner, Madison county, in that state, where he spent his last years and where he died. He was a farmer. He married (first) (intention dated at Natick, April 12, 1777) Jane Whitney, of Dedham, Massachusetts. He married (second) January 1, 1785, Alice Gross, born April 8, 1767, of an old Cape Cod family, who died April 24, 1843. Children of first wife: Miriam, born April 22, 1778; Sabry, April 28, 1779; Sarah. Children by second wife, born in New York state. Stephen, January 31, 1786; Alice, September 18, 1787, died December 20, 1847; Daniel, July 16, 1789; Johannah, November 13, 1791; Jabez, November 18, 1794; Polly, January 11, 1797, died March 24, 1860; William, January 12, 1799; John, mentioned below; Elsie, June 29, 1803; Betsey, April 28, 1805; Abigail, July 11, 1808, died February 1, 1842; Almira, January 19, 1810.

(VII) John, son of Daniel Hill, was born in New Hartford, Oneida county, New York, March 8, 1800. He went with his parents to Lenox, Madison county, when he was seven years old. He was educated in the district schools. In 1824 he married Isyphene Annas and removed to a farm that he owned in the town of Fenner, Madison county. He became a well-to-do farmer and prominent citizen. He held various offices of trust and honor. He was loan commissioner, justice of the peace and supervisor of the town. In 1833 he bought a country hotel called the Baldwin House, on the old stage line from Chittenango to the Chenango Valley. In 1837 he bought the Oran S. Avery farm in Perryville and the Dekeman Mill and moved thither. It has been said of him:

With large natural endowments, a keen. incisive intellect united with rare vigor and much natural heroism, he was peculiarly fitted to become a leader among men, which within his sphere he was. His courage and energy were simply wonderful and irrepressible. He was active, full of life, indefatigable in labor, honorable in his dealings, prompt and accurate in his executive ability. Few possessed such instructive penetration of character. Men in trouble seemed instinctively to turn to Mr. Hill for counsel, sympathy and help. A man with ways positive, direct and unmistakable, he had the capacity to stamp his personality upon whomever he came in contact with and therefore was widely known throughout Madison county. It was never in his heart to do deliberate wrong to anyone and many can testify that they have been helped on in their life battle by his sympathy and aid. As a father he was eminently kind and paternal, for his daughter especially, he exhibited a love that was chivalrous and beautiful.

He was a kind son, caring for his aged parents with thoughtful love, in their last years. He was prominent in social life, as well as in business and politics, and generous in his hospitality. His long and useful career ended September 23, 1879.

His wife, Isyphene (Annas) Hill, was a daughter of Oliver Arias, who came with the pioneers to Nelson, Madison county, from Vermont, and afterward bought and cleared a farm in Fenner, where Isyphene was born June 30, 1806. Oliver Annas married Aphena Aldrich, of an old family of Mendon, Worcester county, Massachusetts. Both Annas and Aldrich families were Quakers, rigid in principles and of exemplary life. The daughter was brought up in the old way, learning to sew, spin, weave and make patchwork. She was eighteen years old, when she married John Hill, September 19, 1824. It has been well said of her:

A true and loving helpmeet to the man with whom she chose to walk life’s rugged pathway, combining a rare sweetness with great firmness of disposition, she was a helmet of safety for her somewhat spirited family to rely upon, in all differences exercising a remarkable wisdom in protecting each from the faults and weakness of the other, thereby producing a harmony of which she was ever the strongest, sweetest note. . . . They united in many a noble self-sacrifice and gave generously to their family the advantages of which they had been deprived, encouraging their improvement with loving admonitions.

She joined the Methodist Episcopal church at the age of thirteen. She died October 27, 1887. Children of John and Isyphene Hill: 1. John W., born August 11, 1825, in Fenner, Madison county, New York; a lawyer and farther of McPherson, Kansas. 2. Mary born December 14, 1826, in Fenner; married to Q. A. Ballou, son of Colonel A. Ballou, November 9, 1846, and she died June 9, 1858, leaving a daughter Camilla, who married Judge T. W, Harrison. of Grand Island, Nebraska. 3. Mason, born Jun 18, 1828, in Fenner; a lawyer and farmer of Nachotah, Wisconsin. 4. Flaville, born December 14, 1829, in Fenner; married, January 5, 1853, Captain C. P. Morey, a resident of Buffalo, New York; she died October 2, 1910. 5. Isyphene, born November 23, 1831; married April 6, 1834, John Haywood. son of William Haywood, of Sullivan. 6. Webster, born December 7, 1833, in Fenner; a farmer of Perryville, New York. 7. Nancy, born May 7, 1836, in Fenner; married, January 6, 1856, Captain H. G. Morey; died April 5, 1874; resident of Buffalo. 8. Norman B., mentioned below. 9. Nellie, born November 21, 1840, in Perryville; married, September 25, 1860, M. N. Moot, son of Colonel D. B. Moot, of Lenox. 10. Rose, born June 10, 1845; married, December 2, 1863, Oren F. Britt, of Sullivan; died April 7, 1879.

(VIII} Norman B., son of John Hill, was born in Perryville, New York, January 11, 1838, died there January 8, 1889. He was educated in the public schools, and always followed farming for his occupation. He served the town as justice of the peace and supervisor and took a prominent part in public affairs. In religion he was a Methodist, in politics was a Republican. He married, February 7, 1860, Mary, born September 6, 1840, daughter of Smith and Laura (Doxtader) Keyes, of New Boston, New York. Children, born at Perryville: 1. John, born March 1, 1862; sheriff of Madison county; married (first) Inez Hall; (second) Jessie Ransom; children by first wife; Irma and Gladys. 2. Fred Crosby, mentioned below. 3. Carrie, born August 22, 1864; married (first) Elmer E. Shaut; (second) Theodore F. Hyatt, of Perryville; child by first marriage, Norma Hill Shaut.

(IX) Fred Crosby, son of Norman B. Hill, was born in Perryville, Madison county, New York, June 28, 1863. He attended the public schools and Yates Academy at Chittenango. New York, graduating in the class of 1883. For one year he taught school in Madison county. He assisted his father in the work of the farm until he attained the age of twenty-one years. In October, 1884, he began to read law in the office of Judge Parker at 0swego, New York, and in January, 1855, he was appointed clerk of the surrogate's court. He was admitted to the bar, September 22, 1887, and on the first of January following he opened an office in Oswego for general practice. He formed a partnership in January, 1900, with John M. Parker under the firm name of Hill & Parker and since then has continued in practice as senior member of this firm. In religion he is a Baptist, in politics a Republican, and in 1911 was made chairman of the Republican county committee of Tioga county.

He married. August 20, 1890, Grace, born October 18, 1863, daughter of Joseph and Helen (Baldwin) Hibbard. Mr. and Mrs. Hill have no children.

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