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Captain John Mallory and his progeny with notes by Mallory Smith:

[Mallory, Caleb R., Hamilton, U.C. 1828. Present residence unknown. (Fifty Years of Cazenovia Seminary) Caleb lived in Hamilton Twp, Northumberland Co., Ontario, Canada.   For photo of Caleb Mallory and his children, contact below.]

[Capt John Mallory came with his seven sons and several daughters to Nelson, Madison County, NY. Caleb was one of his sons. It is uncertain exactly which Caleb attended the seminary....John, Jr. had a son Caleb, too. The seven sons: Simmons, Thomas, Caleb, Reuben, John Jr., Elijah, and Noble. Noble died young and Capt John had an eighth son and also named him Noble. It's possible Noble was father of Solomon as they both purchased land in Wisconsin.]
One of Capt Mallory's daughter married Ira Alvord..... Caleb had a son, Ira Alvord Mallory died young.
 (7) Ira Alvord Mallery 5 pm Friday 8 Oct 1819 Cobourg, Northumberland, Ontario d Sep 27 1837 (the Thursday morning before this date) “He was seated on a loaded waggon, driving homeward. In descending a step hill near his father’s house he endeavored to curb the horses, and unfortunately missed his foothold in the attempt. The horses, finding themselves at once free from the restraint of the rein, started at a rapid rate down the hill, and the deceased slipped, or was jerked, from his seat over the front of the waggon, and, the wheels instantly passed over his body. Some persons, passing at the time, immediately conveyed the poor young man home. He lingered about two hours and a half after the accident, retaining his consciousness and the power of speech until the last. The deceased was a fine young man and in the 18th year of his age.”  Coburg Globe
 John Mallory Jr's son...with Sarah Richardson his mother, daughter of Eri Richardson of Erieville:

 OBIT: Death of an Old Pioneer of St. Clair Co
On Tuesday March 14th, 1893, at his residence in Kimball Twp, Caleb Mallory, aged 74.Caleb J Mallory was born in Dryden Twp, Jefferson Co., in the State of New York in 29 Aug 1819 and was the second in a family of seven children. His father John Mallory moved near Coburg in Canada when he was 12 years old. In 1843 he was married to Cynthia Blakley and in 1851 he moved to Michigan, arriving in St Clair with only fifty cents in his pocket. He immediately went to work in the lumber woods and about the first jobbing he did was building a wooden track railroad for one Fletch in the township of Kimball. He had fair success in the lumbering business, at one time owning as much as 1000 acres of land in Kimball. He also built a steam sawmill on his farm in 1869.Although a professor of religion he belonged to no particular denomination believing the bible to be all the creed necessary. A wife and seven children survive him, four girls and three boys, all of whom are married.  The eldest DW Mallory living in Kansas; Sarah A. now Mrs WJ Terney of Roscommon, Michigan; Warren B. of Thornton Michigan; Louisa C., Mrs JD Palmer of Detroit; George E. of Smith’s Creek, Michigan; Nancy A. now Mrs Richard Hubble of Smith’s Creek, Michigan, and Clara A now Mrs MO McFarland of Lennon, Michigan.  Caleb’s brother was Benjamin Richardson Mallory.  They were sons of John and Sarah Richardson Mallory. 


(5) Capt. John Mallery III 5 Nov 1750 Woodbury, Litchfield, CT (Woodbury Vital Records) Later of Cobourg, Ontario, CN d 5 Nov 1826 Cobourg, Ont. Bur 8 Nov 1826 St Peter’s Anglican Church Cobourg small flat stone with Capt Mallory on it. (at Newcastle?)  Capt John Mallory’s estate was probated Surrogate Court Northumberland and Durham 1827=  11 Jan 1769 WoodburyBeulah Thomas 23 Jul 1753 or bp 24 Jun 1753 Woodbury d 11 May 1841 Cobourg (Ebenezer Thomas = 14 Aug 1760 Joanna Galpin 20 Nov 1740 Woodbury Ct d 14 Aug 1760 Roxbury Ct) OR (Abraham Thomas bp 15 Aug 1725 = Mary Baker) (Ebenezer Thomas =11 Aug 1721 Woodbury Ct Sarah Mitchell)  (Joseph Galpin 1 Apr 1693 Woodbury f 13 Sep 1749 Woodbury ct = Joanna Peck 12 Apr 1705 Waterbury Ct) (Benjamin (Benoni) Galpin 1654 New haven removed from Stratford to Woodbury 1680 d 6 Jan 1731 Woodbury= Rebecca Brown 1662) (Philip Galpin 1615/20 england= Elizabeth Smith 1625)  (Jeremiah Peck = Rachel Richards)  He was appointed Ensign of 4th Company on Trainband 13th Ct Regiment 22 May 1784 Hartford Ct signed by George Wyllys, Secretary for Matthew Griswold Captain-General and Commander in Chief in and over the State of Connecticut in America.

                                        (6) Simmons (Simon) Mallory 13 Jan 1770 Roxbury, Ct 20 shillings John’s Will 1830 living in Northumberland  1816.  Simmons Mallory living in township of Percy  Newcastle Census.

One Mallory over 16, 2 males less than 16, 1 Female over 16, 3 females under sixteen.


NOTE: Simmons Mallory = Rebeekah Secor 26 Nov 1787 (Isaac J Secor 11 Aug 1751 Haverstraw, NY d 27 Aug 1835 Ontario bur Hopewell Reformed Church Dutchess Co., NY = Maria Simmons (Seaman)1 Jan 1752 d 27 May 1918 Ontario) (John Secor c 1730 Rockland Sullivan Co., NY = Maria Gerow (Giruaud) (John Secor 8 Jul 1712 bp 8 Jun 1812 French Church, NY =Mari Giraud) (Jacque Secor 1675 France = 10 Apr 1700 French Church, NY  Anne Terrier) (Ambrose Sicard 1631 Mornac France d c 1712 New Rochelle, NY  = Marie Perron c 1635). [ Either Simmons or brother Thomas has sons Nelson and Solomon.]

                                       (6) Thomas Mallory 5 Aug 1772 d Dec 1843 Bur Hamilton, Ont 20 shillings and no more, John’s will =  Sarah Ashford?


ASHFORD, Nathaniel of Hope, m. Nancy. His widow married Abraham Hagerman
of Hamilton. Heir & Devisee Com., June 1806. 1/1 Hope.
Nathaniel of Hope, OC 6 Feb 1822.
Mary m. Christopher Cross of Percy, OC 10 Aug 1837
John of Hamilton, OC 19 Jan 1837
Sarah m. Thomas Mallory of Hamilton, OC 30 March 1837.

                                        (6) Miriam  Mallory 31 Oct 1774 d 13 Feb 1803 ae 28 Y 8 months Nelson Madison Co., NY buried Lyons Cem, Nelson, Madison Co., NY, consort of Ira  (Buried Lyon aka Hardscrabble Cem, Madison Co., NY ) = Ira Alvord 1769 Montague, Franklin MA d 8 Dec 1851ae 82  Sandy Creek  Oswego, NY bur Lyon’s Cem. Nelson Madison Co., NY (Buried Lyons aka  Hardscrabble Cem., Madison co, NY ) (Benjamin Alvord esq 1737 d Jun 1809 Rev War Soldier ae 72 bur Lyons  Cem.,  Nelson Madison Co., NY (1800 year of death from one transcription)  = Abigail  NOTE: Alvord, Abigail, widow 1812  tax  list Nelson, NY) Alvord, Benjamin, admitted 1801, from Montague, MA, died June 5, 1809. First Presbyterian Church of Cazenovia
                                    (6) John Mallory Jr 16 Apr 1777 Roxbury, Litchfield CT Moved to Coburg age 12 (could be son’s age) d 22 Feb 1844 =  Sarah Richardson 28 Jul 1782 Keene NH d 28 May 1850 (Eri Richardson 15 Aug 1740 of Hillsborough NH  d 25 Oct 1804   = 26 Sep 1762 Hillsborough Co., NH Sarah Durant 1 Nov 1743) (Amos Richardson = Sarah Frost)  Divided real property  with brothers Caleb, and Ruben; John’s will. 
                                    (6) Elijah Mallery ( 1805 tax list Cazenovia, NY) 7 Feb 1779 Roxbury (listed on Cobourg Census 1804 with Simmons and  Caleb. 1805 with Caleb, John, and Simmons) Shown with wife in 1808 and wife and daughter in 1809. see Elijah Jr

Mallory, Elijah, (Mallary, Elijah), , Personal Estate valued at $70, Total Valuation = $70, Tax Due = $0.20.
Mallory, Ephraim, (Mallary, Ephriam), Real Estate valued at $862, Total Valuation = $862, Tax Due = $2.50.
Mallory, John Jr., (Mallary, John Junr.), Real Estate valued at $575, Total Valuation = $575, Tax Due = $1.67.
Mallory, Thomas, (Mallary, Thomas), Real Estate valued at $347, Personal Estate valued at $20, Total Valuation = $367, Tax Due = $1.06.


(6) Capt Caleb Mallory 29 Jul 1781 Roxbury, Litchfield, CT d Tuesday, 23 Apr 1867(Cobourg Sentinel) buried St Peter’s Churchyard Cobourg. = 11 Dec 1810 Haldiman Twp, Northumberland, Ont CN Rebecca Honeywell (Honnewell) 17 Oct 1791 Roxbury d 3 Apr 1847 ae 56 y 8 m 22 dys bur Reformed Presbyterian Cem. Mrs. REBECCA Mallory consort of Caleb Mallory died at her residence in Hamilton of consumption Apr. 3, 1847 age 56 years, 8 months and 22 days.   Survived by her husband and children. She was buried at Reformed Presbyterian Cemetery. “
        -Notes from Methodist papers (Ontario)

“The rise and fall of the Patrons of Industry in Ontario, and for that matter in Quebec and Manitoba, was meteoric. Founded in 1889 at Sarnia, the Patrons of Industry almost completely replaced the more staid and conservative Patrons of Husbandry, or Grange. Like the Grange, the Patrons originated in the United States but - again following the Grange - quickly asserted their independence.

C.A. Mallory, the grand master of the Patrons, described his movement's platform with engaging naivëté in 1893. "Ours is a platform of the people," he declared. "Party platform is the expressed desire of the wearied toilers anxiously 1onging for freedom from the thralldom of monopoly and praying for the country's good."(10)

After the Patrons elected seventeen members to the Ontario legislature in 1894, Grand President Mallory declared that "the members of the labour organizations in the towns and cities did us good service in the provincial campaign and, by that course, have proven their willingness to cooperate with us for the relief of the masses. When such organizations exist in any part of the constituencies. I would advise that they be invited to participate by sending delegates to our conventions."(13) Or as the editor of the Sun put it a few months later, "the tillers and the toilers are in perfect harmony. Let them march to the front together."(14)

                Caleb Mallory, the Patrons' leader, reportedly told a meeting in Picton in 1893 that "the legalized tariff of the doctors and the lawyers prevented them from coming into competition with one another. He referred to the coffin combination and declared that from the hour of his birth until the day he was laid in the grave the farmer was confronted by combinations."(28) The following year he told the annual convention that "Capital has always claimed the right to combine. Manufacturers meet and determine prices in spite of the laws of supply and demand. Capitalists, by united effort, strive to control the legislature, the judiciary, and the executive. . . . Why should the monopolist and the combinester assume to control the destinies of the land?"(29)


Divided real property with John Jr. and Simmons; John’s Will.

NOTE: Solomon Mallery ae 19 3rd Company 1st Regiment Northumberland Co., ON Dec 1828 return of Upper Canada Militia.   Nelson Mallory ae 20 same unit as Solomon, and Lt Caleb Mallory  1st Reg of Northumberland)



(6) Reuben Mallory 8 Jan 1783 Roxbury, Litchfield, Ct Divided real property with Caleb, John Jr, and Simmons, per John’s will. Reuben Mallory estate was probated 1837 Northumberland and Durham 1837 C-37 = Levineah (Lavinia) Brunson 1780 Greenriver, Saratoga, NY (Barnabus Brunson d >18 Sep 1820 < will probated 22 Feb 1822 Percy Twp, Newcastle, Upper Canada Levineah received 2 pounds 11 shillings = (1) Charity Huggaboom (2) Hannah____)  (Note: The Brunsons came with Rev Thomas Hooker to Hartford and Farmington) Enlisted  27 Jun 1825  6th co of Percy, Ont Militia  Census of 1861 Ontario has Genny Mack age 70 living with them      1816 census Percy Twp Newcastle District….Ruben Mallory 1 male over 16, 1 female over 16, 3 females under 16 living one house down from Barnabus Bronson (Brunson)



                                                (6) Sally Mallory 15 Oct 1785

(6) Noble Mallory 13 Jan 1786 d 16 Mar 1813 bur Cobourg Upper Canada

(6) Esther Mallory 31 Dec 1789  $10 from John’s will. = Judge Daniel Allen 30 Jun 1780 Cattaragus, NY

(7) Emily Allen

(7) Calista Allen

(7) Satira Allen

(7) Heman Allen

(7) Constant B Allen 2 Sep 1805 Locke, NY

(7) Lucinda Allen 14 Jul 1809 d 1896 = 15 Jan 1826 David John Baisell 16 Dec 1804 Milton Vt

(8) Heman N Blasdell

(8) Esther M Blasdell

(8) Daniel Allen Blasdell 28 Jan 1828 d 25 Mar 1918 bur Jolls Cem.  Gowanda & Perrysburg, NY = (1) 19 Oct 1853 Mary Elizabeth Shepard 22 Jan 1832

(9) Fred Blasdell 1855 Perrysburg, NY = Alice Roberts

(10) Park Blasdell 1879

(9) Frank L Blasdell 1856 Perrysburg, NY = 3 Sep 1884 Mary I Merrell 30 Aug 1857 NE Erie PA

(10) David J Blasdell 12 May 1886 methodist minister d Aug 1967 Frewsburg, NY = gldys

(11) Leonard A Blasdell 29 Dec 1914

(11) Lewis Blasdell 1916

(11) Eleanor Ruth Blasdell 1919

(11) David J Blasdell 1921

(11) Donald R Blasdell 1923

(10) Edward M Blasdell 26 Dec 1888 farmer = (1) Unk (2) Gertrude 1891

(11) Mary A Blasdell 1915

(11) Charles V Blasdell 1917

(11) ruth A Blasdell 1921

(11) Paul Blasdell 1923

(11) Morris M Blasdell 1929

  (10) Jennie A Blasdell 7 Feb 1891 d Dec 1984 Jamestown, NY

BIOGRAPHY: Jennie Blasdell became a Methodist missionary and served in
India. I have copies of three letters she wrote to my Great Aunt Dora during her time as a missionary. (Patricia Louis Anderson McCrickard)


(10) Flora M Blasdell 23 Nov 1894 d Dec 1971 Falconer, NY

(10) Robert A Blasdell 18 Dec 1892 d Feb 1986 = Fannie E

BIOGRAPHY: Robert was a Methodist missionary and served in Singapore,
Malaya. He wrote a book about his missionary work. I have two letters
Robert and his wife Fannie wrote to my Great Aunt Dora during their
missionary service. (Patricia Louise Anderson McCrickard)

(11) Francis S Blasdell 1927

(11) Robert F Blasdell 12 May 1929

(9) Edith May Blasdell 2 Aug 1861 Perrysburg d 29 Mar 1926 Dayton, NY bur Cottage Cem. Dayton, NY = (1)  12 Apr 1882  Marshall H Merrill 23 Feb 1856 North East Erie Co., PA d 16 Apr 1898 Conneaut, Ashtabula Co., Oh but Cottage Cem. Dayton, NY suicide (2) 2 Aug 1901 Marcus J Rhodes 5 Mar 1854 Corning, NY

          BIOGRAPHY: I have a beautiful cameo ring that belonged to Marshall Merrill. It was given to me by my Great Aunt Dora, Marshall's only child. Dora was only my half aunt, and her father, Marshall is not in my family line, but I felt very privileged that she gave this family treasure to me. (Patricia Louise Anderson McCrickard)

(10) Dora Blasdell Merrill 8 Oct 1888 Conneaut, Ashtabula Co., OH d 30 Nov 1972 Lake Co. Claremont FL bur Oak Hill Cem. Claremont FL

     Dora Merrill was the stepdaughter of Marcus J. Rhodes and daughter of E.
May Blasdell. She never married and was a well respected school teacher
in Jamestown, NY.
Miss Dora Blasdell Merrill, 84, 328 E. Minnehaha Ave., Clermont, died
Monday, Nov. 27, 1972. She was born in Conneaut, Ohio, October 8, 1888,
the daughter of Marshall H. Merrill and Edith May Blasdell Merrill and
moved to Clermont from Jamestown, N.Y. in 1969. Miss Merrill graduated
from the Fredonia, N.Y. Normal School in 1909 and received her bachelors
degree from Buffalo, N.Y. State Teachers College in 1942. She taught in
the Jamestown, N.Y. Public Schools for 39 years being a member of the
Washington Junior High faculty from the schools opening in 1924 until her
retirement in 1953. She was a member of the First United Methodist
Church of clermont, the Tomoka Chapter of the DAR, the Jamestown, N.Y.
Retired Teachers Asoc., the New York State Retired Teachers Asoc, the
National Retired Teachers Asoc., and a charter member of the Marvin
Community House in Jamestown. Survivors: sister, Mrs. Marion Beaumont
Lawson, Clermont; niece, Mrs. Barbara Beaumont Anderson, Richmond, VA;
nephew, William F. Beaumont, Alliance, Ohio; Robert L. Beaumont, Warren,
Pa.; and several cousins. Memorials may be sent to the Educational
Building Fund, First United Methodist Church, 950 Seventh Street,
Clermont, Florida 32711. Funeral Services will be held at Kurfiss
Funeral Chapel, Thursday, November 30th at 3 p.m. Internment will be in
Oak Hill Cemetery, Clermont, Florida. (Obituary written by Mrs.
Marion (Rhodes) Beaumont Lawson)
I remember my Great Aunt Dora fondly. She lived in Jamestown, NY, most of
her adult life, and I lived in Richmond, VA and only saw her every few
years. She was known, at least on my part, for her impeccable manners, and every time my family visited she would take us out to some wonderful restaurant for dinner. Our family didn't eat out at restaurants much as I was growing up, so my sister, brother and myself would be quizzed on our etiquette before we visited with Aunt Dora. Not that we were bad mannered, I don't think we were, but at home we only used the basic silverware - no extra forks or knives. I was scared to death that I would do something wrong. I remember a very special luncheon. Aunt Dora and my Grandmother, Marion Beaumont Lawson decided to take me out to lunch without the rest of the family. I believe there was another lady along, but I do not remember who she was. I don't have any idea how old I was, but I felt like such a lady. What a wonderful meal! When the
bread was put on the table it smelled heavenly. After taking a dinner
roll from the basket, I raised it to my nose and took a deep breath - "Ah! This smells so good," I proclaimed. I can't recall if they said anything to me at the restaurant, I don't think they did, but later that
evening my mother told me that Aunt Dora and Grandma had been embarrassed
by this uncouth behavior.
Aunt Dora never married. My mother said she thought Dora once had a beau
who was a soldier and was killed. The truth of this I do not know. I have a stamp collection that my Great Aunt Dora gave to me as a teenager. She was the consummate teacher, wanting to pass on the love of
learning or encourage others in some new activity. All I had to do is mention that I had begun to collect stamps and she gave me her collection of many, many years. This is not a valuable collection - because the
stamps are cancelled and affixed to envelopes, but it is precious to me
and goes back to the early 1900's.
Dora was a fine Christian woman and attended the Methodist Church. She
loved supporting mission work and corresponded regularly with her cousin
Robert A. Blasdell, who was a missionary to Malaya and her cousin Jenny
A. Blasdell, who was a missionary in India.
Aunt Dora loved to travel! Being a

(9) Cora Blasdell 1867 Perrysburg, NY d Apr 1898 bur Jolls Cem. Perrysburg, NY

(8) Lewis Nathaniel Blasdell 6 Feb 1830 Perrysburg Cattaraugus, NY = 20 Oct 1867 Whiteside IL Altania buckbee (Mrs. Altana Turney)

(9) Frank T Blasdell Dec 1871 MO

(8) Homer Joslin Blasdell 11 Apr 1832 Perrysburg, NY farmer of Portland Whiteside IL d 22 Oct 1914 NM = (1) 9 Dec 1855 Whiteside IL  Gabrilla Augusta Shiner 17 Mar 1837 Dublin Wayne Co., IN (2 mariam 1854

 (9) Lewis Nathaniel Blasdell 4 Feb 1857 MT d 20 Jan 1925 Sawtelle CA = 12 mar 1884 Melvina Bissell

(10) Cyril Milton Blasdell 11 Dec 1884 Tracer Tama Co., IA

(10) Bertice Effie Blasdell 19 Dec 1886

(10) Lewis LeRoy Blasdell 19 Sep 1890

(10) Ethyl Elizabeth Blasdell 20 Nov 1894

 (8) Morris C Blasdell 1835 = Ella  1835

(9) George Blasdell 1863

(9) Edie Blasdell 1867

(9) Charles C Blasdell 1872

(9) Jonnie Blasdell 1877

(8) Milton N Blasdell c 1837

(8) William Blasdell 1839

(8) Arthur Blasdell 1841

(6) Lucinda Mallory 28 Feb 1791 $10 from John’s will. = (1) Levi Varney of PA and, perhaps, 21Oct 1823 Northumberland, Ont David Cummings

(6) Noble Mallory again 22 Apr 1793 Roxbury CT  = Sally Purdy  Probably the  Noble E Mallory who purchase land in WI at same time as solymon. NE Mallory 1861 Platt Book Clarno Green Co., WI

(7) Adaline Mallory c 1835 Cobourg, Ont  < Jun 1876= 20 Jun 1854 Greenbush, Sheboygan Co., WI Simeon Joseph Winn 24 Apr 1831 Cramahe Twp, Northumberland Co., ON d 28 Feb 1906 Neillsville  Clark Co., WI (Joel Winn 8 Nov 1800 Genessee Co., NY d 16 mar 1895 Smith’s Creek St Clair Co., MI   = Elizabeth “Betsy” Crandall 12 May 1803 Cramahe Twp, Northumberland ON (Simeon Winn 27 1860 census Sheboyan Co., WI, adaline 23, Webster Winn 3)        Obit for simeon Winn available Republican & Press Clark Co., WI 28 Feb 1906

(8) Webster Monroe Winn 26 Aug 1857 Greenbush Twp Sheboygan  WI = 1881 WI  Kate L Isham May 1858 LaCrosse WI

            (9) Bertha Winn Jun 1882 York Twp Clark Co., WI

            (9) Clifford L Winn Jan 1884 York Twp Clark Co., WI

                         (10) Ralph Winn

                         (10) Ronald Winn

                                      (11) Jack Winn

                                      (11) Scott Winn

                                      Laura Winn daughter of “Bud”

                         (10) Donald Winn

                         (10) Bernard Winn

know of Winns as far back as Simeon Winn of Granton, WI in the early 1800's - his son was Webster Winn, and his son was Clifford Winn, who's sons were Ralph, Ronald, Donald, and Bernard Winn. Ronald had two sons, Jack and Myself. Please contact me if you have any information about this family

            (9) Floyd Winn 30 Apr 1886 York Twp Clark Co., WI d Nov 1965 Neillsville Clark Co., WI

            (9) Bryl Winn Apr 1888 York Twp Clark Co., WI


NOTE: Mallory = Betty Huebner (____Huebner = Eleanor C Lichte 15 Sep 1915 Neilsville WI d 9 Mar 1997 Spooner Community Nursing Home; Spooner was formerly Neilsville) (Adolph Lichte = Pauline)

NOTE: Mallory = Patricia Dayton (Darryl Howard Dayton 17 apr 1935 Sparta WI d 9 Sep 2000 Neillsville WI  = 12 May 1962 Sylvia Hagen) (Howard Almond Dayton = Winnifred Roselle Schumacher)



PS: There was an Ephraim Mallory who lived in Nelson in 1806.....    I believe I know which to the two Ephraim's that lived in the area he was, but not with absolute certainty.  One would have been from the Public Universal Friends Settlement...a son of Meridah Mallory who died in 1788 (during that first harsh winter).   Meridah had three sons, John, Meredith, and Ephraim.  However, Zaccheus Mallory who lived in Wells Rutland Vt also had a son Ephraim and his son Ephraim eventually moved to Sandy Creek and had 13 children.  Vt congressman Richard Walker Mallary is a descendant of that Ephraim.


Contributed by Mallory Smith, June 8, 2005.


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