Pioneering Families
... with Roots in Madison County

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James Buckley, son of Timothy and Margaret Buckley, was born in Ireland, April 1849 and landed in this country at the age of three weeks. The parents settled near Albany.  The occupation of the father for about twenty years was section boss on the railroad; he died at the age of fifty-three years. The mother is now living in Sand Bank at the age of seventy-five years. They were the parents of four children: James has proved himself an efficient business-man. He was employed for twenty-one years as station agent at Sand Bank .Later he entered into partnership with Mr. Helm, the firm being known as Buckley & Helm. They manufacture pine, hemlock and hard wood and deal in other kinds of lumber. In 1882 Mr. Buckley married Fanny Mead of Madison county. They have two children, Timothy and Fannie. He is supervisor of the town serving his third term.

Source: Churchill, John C.  Landmarks of Oswego County, New York. Syracuse, N. Y.: D. Mason & Company, Publishers, 1894, p. 126.



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