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... with Roots in Madison County

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In I804 Capt. Gardner Wyman and Eleazer Snow came in from Eaton, Madison county. It would thus appear that Mr. Smith and family were the sole inhabitants of New Haven during a period of four years. Mr. Wyman obtained his title of captain in the war of 18I2 and was the first man in town to command a militia company. His son, Meres Wyman, died here March 17, 1884, aged ninety-four. He once attended a dance at Mexico Point, going on foot to Colosse to borrow a horse, returning to New Haven for his girl, and traveling in all over fifty miles in making the round trip. Captain Wyman erected the third log house in town on lot 57, at the east end of the old Barker farm. Leander Snow settled on the north side of Catfish Creek near New Haven Station on the farm which has always remained in the family His son Daniel was born in 1803 and died here in October 1881. He had five children, of whom Lucien born in 1838, occupies the old homestead. Two other sons of Eleazer Snow were Charles and Lebbeus, both of whom commanded sailing vessels between Oswego and Lewiston. During a down trip a terrific storm partially wrecked the craft of Charles Snow and all on board, about thirty in number, were drowned. The vessel of which Lebbeus was captain was saved in the mouth of the Genesee River.


 Source: Churchill, John C.  Landmarks of Oswego County, New York. Syracuse, N. Y.: D. Mason & Company, Publishers, 1895, pp. 609-610.



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