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Alfred B. Getty was born in Madison county March 13, 1824. His grandfather was Robert of Massachusetts, who died in Madison county aged sixty; his father was Isaac, a soldier of the war of 1812, who was born in Washington county and died in this county aged seventy-three. The latter married Asenath Cook, of Onondaga county, who died aged eighty-three, her father having been a Revolutionary soldier. Our subject was educated in Oneida county, read law, was admitted to the bar in 1848, and has practiced ever since. In I857 he was appointed clerk in the Oswego custom house, later serving as department collector, then alderman, then member of the Board of Education, and was postmaster under President Buchanan. He was a member of the Military Committee of Oswego county during the war and was also city attorney assessor, collector of internal revenue of the 22d district, and was appointed United States circuit court commissioner for the State of New York, which office he has held twenty-six years. Mr. Getty has also served as recorder and city judge of Oswego. September 6, 1849, he married Mary E., daughter of Waitman Lyon of Syracuse and their children are Alice, born August 20, 1850,died October 31, 1866; Addison B., born February 9, 1852; Frederick W., born November 3, 1853; Charles R., born January 10, 1857, died January 1, 1860. Addison resides in Omaha, Neb. His wife was Martha A Conger of Cayuga county. Fred W, married Eva May Williams of Chicago, where they reside.


Source: Churchill, John C.  Landmarks of Oswego County, New York. Syracuse, N. Y.: D. Mason & Company, Publishers, 1895, pp. 248-249.



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