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Franklin Hopkins Jefferson was born in Caughdenoy January 16, 1858. His father John Hopkins was the son of Ebenezer Hopkins of Madison county, who was a farmer and noted as a breeder of fast horses. John Hopkins was married to Elizabeth Everson in 1838 and moved to Hastings about 1848, and kept wagon, blacksmith, and cabinet shops, and was also interested in the fisheries on Oneida River. They had ten children. John Hopkins died in 1864, and Jefferson, being the youngest son, remained with his mother till her death which occurred in 1874. In 1878 he was married to Lettie Rhines of Caughdenoy, who died in 1888. During this period, Mr. Hopkins was engaged principally in the fisheries, In 1889 he entered the mercantile business and is at present interested in a large general store, coal yard, and steamboat. In 1891 he was again married to Mary O'Connor, daughter of Thomas and Margaret O'Connor of Oswego. Two children were born of this marriage, John T., born May 24, 1892; and Thomas Wells, born August 2, 1894. In 1892 Mr. Hopkins was elected supervisor of the town of Hastings and made such a good record that he was the unanimous choice of the Republican party in 1893, and was re-elected by the largest majority ever given in that town, and was again elected in 1894 to represent the town for 1894 and 1895.


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