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... with Roots in Madison County

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Silas A. Reeve, son of James and Melinda Reeve was born at Erieville, Madison county, in 1835. In the vicinity of Cazenovia in Madison county, one of the earliest settlers was Silas Reeve, grandfather of our subject. He was in earlier days a resident of Long Island, by trade a cabinet maker and Mr. Reeve has now in his home an arm chair made by his grandfather during the period of British occupation. It is in good preservation and highly prized by Mr. Reeve. James Reeve also began life as a cabinet maker but in later time became an extensive farmer in Madison county. He was a prominent advocate of the abolition of slavery and a leading spirit in the Baptist church. Silas Reeve has for a quarter of a century been an honored resident of Fulton. He still owns a farm in Volney now operated by his son-in-law Edward Aylesworth. March 14, 1859, Mr. Reeve married Rebecca daughter of Samuel Reese of Nelson and Mrs. Jennie Aylesworth is their only child.


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