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Asa R. Sanford--In 1631, John Sanford, son of Samuel and Eleanor Sanford, of Lincolnshire, England sailed for America in company with John Eliot, the missionary, and John Winthrop jr., afterward governor of Connecticut. John was a man of note in his township. His will executed in 1653 and preserved by Prof. H. H. Sanford of Syracuse, a cousin of Asa Sanford, is a model of conciseness and care. Samuel, grandson of John, married and settled in Tiverton, R.I. He resided there until his death which occurred in 1738. Asa Sanford sr., grandfather of Asa Bradford, was born in Tiverton in 1781. In 1797 he came with his parents to Madison county N.Y. The old homestead occupied by him is still standing at Bouckville.

He died in 1873 having lived to the ripe old age of ninety-two years. Bradford, his son, and father of Asa Sanford jr. was born in Georgetown, Madison county, in 1817. In 1840 he married Lavinia Peckham, who was born at Hamilton, in 1818. Soon after their marriage they came to Volney. Four children were born to them, of whom three are still living. The beloved wife and mother was taken to the arms of her Saviour in 1879. Asa, their youngest son and whose name is at the beginning of this sketch, was born in Volney, October 25, 1855. He was liberally educated at Falley Seminary and Oswego Normal School, and the number and character of the books that embellish his home bespeak the taste and cultivation both of himself and of his wife. His wife ,Mary Sanford, is the daughter of C. E Ward of Volney.

She was born November 28, 1860 and was principally educated by her mother. She was married to Asa Sanford February 13, 1877. Four children, Emogene, Elmer, Ernest and Erwin have been born to them. Two of these, Elmer and Ernest, died in infancy. Mr. Sanford is a farmer and has a productive farm and happy home near Mt Pleasant. Himself and wife have been active members of the church at Mt. Pleasant since childhood.

Source: Churchill, John C. Landmarks of Oswego County, New York. Syracuse, N. Y.: D. Mason & Company, Publishers, 1895, p. 162.



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