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Martin F. Palmer, farmer, was born in Madison county, N. Y., March 1, 1839, son of Joshua G. and Esther Palmer, nee Randall. His father was a farmer in York State, born in Connecticut; his mother of the same nativity. His father died in 1868, his mother in 1849. The subject of this sketch was raised on a farm, and came to the State of Michigan in 1854. He returned to New York, and was married in 1856 to Mary Farley. She was born in Madison county, N. Y He returned to his home in Michigan, where he continued farming. He made several changes, when in 1869 he located on the present farm, consisting of 109 acres, and 25 acres on Stone lake. The family consisted of 4 childrenóLlewellen, Edward E., Charles M. and Maria, deceased. His present weight is 375 pounds, and has weighed 396. His wife weighs 225, and one son that weighs 250, an aggregate of 850 pounds. Mr. P. claims to be the first man in the State of Michigan that started to make the famous cider jelly, which he first made in 1862. He converted 500 barrels of cider into jelly in 1880. They are all members of the M. E. Church at Napoleon.

Source: History of Jackson County, Michigan. Chicago: Inter-State Publishing Co., 1881, p. 983.



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