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Descendants of James Stranahan, the Settler, in the Line of his son James.

James2 (son of James1) married Martha Corey, settled in Plainfield, Conn., where he purchased a farm in 1768, on which he died Jan. 2d, 1808, aged 73 years. His widow died at same place Sept. 25th, 1826. He was a soldier of the Revolution, and a thrifty farmer; his remains, and those of his wife and father, lie in a cemetery at South Killingly Meeting House, in Conn.— Children.—Jane5 born Dec. 25th, 1766; John6 born April 25th, 1769; William7 born Nov. 27th, 1770; James8 born May 12th, 1772; Freelove9 born Feb. 26th, 1775; Anthony10 born July 16th, 1776; Samuel11 born June 4th, 1778; Martha12 born 1780.

Samuel11 (son of James2) was one of the first settlers of Peterboro, Madison County, N. Y., was an enterprising and public-spirited man, and, at the time of his death, the owner of the mill property in that village. He married Lynda Josslyn, in the town of Butternuts, Otsego Co., N. Y., March 20, 1803, and died at his residence in Peterboro, Sept. 8th, 1816, aged 38 years.— Children.—James S. T.13 born at Peterboro, Madison Co., N. Y., April 25th, 1808, and Mary Ann14 born at same place, June 6th, 1810.

James S. T.13 (son of Samuel11) married Marianne Fitch of Westmoreland, Oneida Co., N. Y., May 4th, 1837, where she was born March 7th, 1813. She died at Manchester, Vt., August 30th, 1866, aged 53 years. — Children.—Mary, born at Newark, N. J., July 14th, 1840; Fitch James, born at Newark, N. J., September 25th, 1843.

Mary Ann14 (daughter of Samuel11) married Nathan Burchard at Peterboro, April 22d, 1833. Nathan Burchard, son of Jonathan Burchard by Beulah his wife, was born in the town of Marshall, Oneida Co., N. Y., December 3d, 1804.— Only child of Nathan and Mary Ann Burchard, Mary Helvetia, who was born in the City of Basle, Switzerland, September 12th, 1850, where her father was then United States Consul.

Jane5 (daughter of James2) married Jacob Burrett; she died March 9th, 1811.— Children—James, Henry, William, Jacob, Anthony, Haskell and Baldwin.

(Dea.) John6 (son of James2) married Prudence Rood, July 5th, 1794, at Killingly, Conn., where he was a deacon of the Congregational Church; many years afterwards he removed to Western Reserve, Ohio.— Children —John Sheffield, born August 5th, 1795; Sally, born January 25th, 1797; James, born June 12th, 1798; Joshua Lord, born May 25th, 1801; Patin Corey, born May 25th, 1801; William Warner, born December 2d, 1811.

(Col.) William7 (son of James2) married Martha Josslyn September 1794, at Sterling, Conn. He figured much in society; was active in the war of 1812, and bore several civic honors in Butternuts, Otsego County, N.Y., where he long resided. He had a fine person, lively wit, and winning manners. His wife died March 2d, 1838; he survived her for many years, and died February 23d, 1852, aged 82. They are both buried in the town of Butternuts. Children—P. Celinda15, born June 26th, 1795; James William16, born August 20th, 1797; Freelove Matilda17, born June 26th, 1799; Bethana Lucinda18, born July 9th, 1801; Rhoda Mianda19, born April 23d, 1804; Charles William20, born March 31st, 1808; John Ruggles, born August 25th, 1812; died at Cleveland, Ohio, September l5th, 1839, aged 27 years.

James8 (son of James2) married Mary Lewis, at Colchester, Conn., March 26th, 1797. He was a very prosperous and respectable farmer, and was remarkable for the beauty of his person; he resided at E. Haddam, Ct. His wife died April 25th, 1830. He died April 1st, 1845. Children—Mary, born January 5th, 1798, married Samuel Gates April 12th, 1821; Sarah, born March 6th, 1800, died October 23rd, 1805; James21, born September 22d, 1802; Benjamin L., born June 1st, 1805, died February 6th, 1807 ; Sarah, born August 16th, 1807, married N. F. Holmes, November 25th, 1830; Martha, born February 7th, 1810, married Henry Miner, January 17th, 1827, died July 19th, 1843; John, born July 20th, 1812, married 1832, died in New Jersey 1847.

Freelove9 (daughter of James2) married Colonel Elias Parkhurst, a man of great respectability, and honored in his life-time with many offices, which he discharged with signal ability. He owned a beautiful homestead in Plainfield, Conn., on which he and his forefathers lived and cultivated. It is now the patrimony of Herbert W., their sole surviving child. The Colonel died November 3d, 1850. Freelove, his widow, died March 17th, 1861. Children—Anthony, born February 16th, 1798; Hiram, born April 23rd, 1800; Elias, born November 2d, 1803 ; Herbert W., born October 19th, 1806; Emily, born June 23d, 1814; James, O. L., born November 14th, 1820.

(Capt.) Anthony10, (son of James2) married Anna Rood, and lived a long time on the "Stranahan Farm," Plainfield, Conn., and removed from that State to the Western Reserve, Ohio, where he died. Children — Morral, Augustus, Anthony, Samuel, Berton, and two others, who died young.

Martha12 (youngest daughter of James2) married William P. Ingraham. Children—Zimrode, William, Tarpin, Japhet, Martha, James, Farrand, Freelove, Remember, Mary Ann and Lafayette.

P. Celinda15 (daughter of William7) married (1) Ira Northrup July 3d, 1817, who died November 13th, 1826. She married (2) Deacon Reuben Marlett, December 5th, 1830, who died January 20th, 1841, aged 48. She again married, (3) John Culver November 14th, 1854. She resides with her husband in Penfield, Monroe County, N. Y.— Children, all by her first husband—Loraine Celinda, born February 26th, 1820, married M. Day Hicks, M.D., who died May 16th, 1855, and had Harriet Loraine Northrup, born December, 1843, married September 25th, 1862, Col. Edwin S. Gilbert, an accomplished gentleman, and a brave officer in the late war of the Rebellion; he died February 22d, 1863; John Marvin Day, born October 17th 1845, died July 17th, 1864, aged 18 years; Harriet Stower, born April 13th, 1823, married Ambrose Lane, June 2d, 1842, who died March 17th, 1849, aged 31 years, leaving a surviving child, Ambrose Northrup, born June 11th, 1849; Ira B. Northrup, born June 3d, 1825, married Frances A. Burbank, December 13th, 1855; they reside in the City of Rochester.

James William15 (son of William7) married Sarah Flagg, September 1828; he resides in Butternuts, N. Y.

Freelove Matilda17 (daughter of William7) married Robert C. Montgomery, December 5th, 1821; she died May 17th, 1865, aged 65 years.

Bethana Lucinda18 (daughter of William7) married Marcus D. Bacon 1827, who died July 20th, 1837. Surviving child Mary. They reside at Norwich, Chenango County, N. Y.

Rhoda Mianda19 (daughter of William7) married E. Hyde Chaffee, 1829. They have a numerous family.

CHARLES COREY* (son of William7) married Euphemia Hale. They live in the State of Tennessee, and have a large family.

James21, (son of James8) married Hannah B. Miner, January 18th, 1828. Children—James T., born December 1826, died November 25th, 1830; Hannah A., born January 3d, 1828, married J. W. Skinner, October, 1847; Mary C., born January 18th, 1830, married T. F. Silliman, December, 1848; Sarah E., born October 19th, 1832, married (1) C. R. Hubbard, May, 1855, her husband died same year, she married (2) J. W. Williams, 1860; James L., born January 21st, 1835, married Emma S. Gilbert, August, 1857; Emma E., born February 8th, 1837, married C. B. House, October 1859; William A., born October 19th, 1839; Martha P., born July 9th, 1843.
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LYNDA (daughter of Thomas) married (1) Samuel Stranahan, and her children, by him will be found in the Stranahan Genealogy, page 14. She married (2) John Downer, Esq., at Smithfield, Madison County, N. Y., 1818. By him she had the following Children,: Almena, born May 4, 1819; married Charles K. Hopkins, present Postmaster of Utica, N. Y., March 26, 1839, who died June 7th, 1849, and had William A., born March 16, 1840, died September 10, 1865, at Milwaukee, Wis.—a brave officer in the late civil war; Pulchera, born April 17, 1841 ; Almena, born May 27, 1849, who died June 10, 1858; Pulcheba, born December 12, 1820, married Dr. Abram C. Burke, of Brooklyn, N. Y., November 4, 1852, and has James Stranahan, born October 20, 1853, and Henrietta F., born December 3, 1857, died February 28, 1860; MiaNda, born February 6, 1823, married J. Addison Dana, May 21, 1841, and has Lynda H., born May 22, 1849, who died September 15, 1867; William E., born February 20, 1859.

Lynda (Stranahan) Downer is now the last surviving child of Thomas Josselyn, and is, in green old age, now residing in the city of Brooklyn, N. Y.
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Source: Stiles, Henry Reed. Genealogies of the Stranahan, Josselyn, Fitch and Dow families in North America. Brooklyn, N. Y.: privately printed, 1868.


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