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Simeon Thayer

Was born in Hoosic, Rensselaer Co., in 1782. He lived some years at Ballston Springs, going thence to Smithfield, Madison County, where he married in 1805 Elizabeth Lucas, who was born in 1786. They moved to this county in 1810, and settled on the farm now owned by Albert McIntyre, on lot 35. Subsequently they removed to a farm on the shore of Keuka Lake, about five miles from Penn Yan, well known as the Thayer homestead, on lot 45, where both died, he in 1856, and she in 1862. Their children are Jacob, Joseph, James, Samuel, Sally Ann, Simeon, David, William, Laura, Emeline, Reuben, Andrew and John. Nine of the sons now live in the town of Milo, and one sister, and the other brother at Warsaw in this county. Two of the sisters are living West.

Jacob married Sarah, daughter of Archibald J. McIntyre. They have seven children, Archibald, Susan, Simeon, Sylvester N., Jacob W., James K. and Amelia. Archibald married Minerva, daughter of George C. Wheeler. Susan N. married John B. Bayard, and died in 1869 leaving three children, Sarah, Jennie Bell and John. Simeon married Elizabeth, daughter of Joseph Rappelyea. They have two children, Ella and Lilly. Sylvester N. married Minerva, daughter of John Longwell. Jacob W. married Marieta, daughter of Joel Wortman. Their children are Annie and Willie. James K. married Helen, daughter of John Freeman, and Amelia married Worthy Carroll of Penn Yan.

Joseph married Semantha, daughter of Joshua Bayard of Milo, and is the present Under Sheriff of Yates county. They have one son, Joseph J .

James married Zencia, daughter of Allen Bassett of Barrington. He is a substantial farmer on lot 33. They have four surviving children, James A., Emeline, Laura and Fancelia. James A. married Alice, daughter of James Lawrence. They have one child, Mary A. Emma married John B. Haas of Sunbury, Pa.. and has a daughter, Eva P. Mary A. died in 1867.

Samuel married Anna, daughter of James Secor of Torrey, and resides in Barrington. They have one son, Samuel J .

Sally Ann married Charles A. Wilbur of Penn Yan. They emigrated to Howell, Mich., and have one child, Lucy. She married William D. Murray of Detroit. Their children are Willie and Lulu.

Simeon married Martha Youngs of Syracuse. They had six children, David, Elizabeth, Simeon, George, Octavia and Frank.

David died a young man, and Elizabeth in early womanhood. David Thayer, is a bachelor and lives on the homestead. William married Harriet E., daughter of the late Dr. Levi Perry of Penn Yan. They have two daughters, Lucy and Susan. Lucy married Delos, son of James Willett and resides in Milo.

Laura married Judge Ebenezer C.Winslow of Ridgway, Pa., and emigrated to Whiteside Co., Illinois, where he died leaving a daughter, Ida. She hasa second husband, James Harra.

Emeline married Ebenezer B. Bunnell of Oxford, Chenango Co., N. Y., and they reside in Penn Yan.

Reuben married Catharine, daughter of Abraham V. Remer of Torrey. They have two daughters, Minnie Bell and Kitty May. They own and live on the homestead.

Andrew married Mary, daughter of Aaron Plympton. They have two children, Georgianna and Ezra B.

John married Frank, daughter of William Sutherland of Milo.

This family is remarkable from the fact that the children are all living, thirteen in number. The homestead is still in the family, and all of the members are respectable citizens.

Simeon Thayer, Sr., came to this town a poor man. He and one Moses Thompson, owned together a yoke of oxen, with which they moved on a wood sled. When Mr. Thayer reached the Mc Intyre place, he had but one dollar in money. Half a dollar paid for a bushel of corn, and the other half dollar for a gallon of whisky to raise a log house. His children and grandchildren are now paying taxes on a thousand acres of land in Milo.

Source: History and Directory of Yates County: Containing a Sketch of Its Original Settlement by the Public Universal Friends ... and a Narrative of the Universal Friend, Her Society and Doctrine, Volume 1, pp. 704-705.



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