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  WILLARD B. CROFT, a well-known medical practitioner of Medina, Ohio, who has won distinction in his profession in this section of the state, was born in Brookfield, Madison county, New York, on the 22d of March, l854. His parents were William and Sarah Kinsman Croft, the former a native of England and the latter of the Empire state. The maternal grandmother, Sarah Kinsman, was a distant relative of Napoleon Bonaparte, and the paternal grandfather, William Croft, belonged to an old English family and was reared on one of the old estates in his native land.
   Dr. Croft spent his youth in the county of his birth and supplemented his common-school training by a course in Winfield Academy, of Herkimer county, New York, after which he successfully engaged in teaching for several terms. He then became a student of medicine in the office of Dr. L. B. Bartlett, of Ashtabula, under whose direction he continued his reading until 1878, when he matriculated in the Cleveland Homeopathic College, where he was graduated in 1881. He began practice in Ashtabula, Ohio, where he remained for a year, and in 1882 came to Medina. He has since been connected with the profession in this city and has conducted a lucrative practice up to the present. His thorough preparation, close application, unflagging energy and love of his profession have made him very successful, and he not only has the support of the public, but is also granted a foremost place by the profession. He is a member of the American Institute of Homeopathy, the Ohio State Medical Association, the Northeastern Ohio Medical Association, and a director of the Huron Street Hospital, of Cleveland, Ohio; also censor of the Cleveland Medical College. The interchange of ideas looking to the improvement of the profession which is secured through connection with these various organizations and his private research in the realms of medical knowledge have made Dr. Croft one of the most advanced and best-informed physicians in this section of the state. He is now surgeon for the Cleveland Lorain & Wheeling Railroad Company, and is especially proficient in both the medical and surgical branches of his profession.
   In 1886 was celebrated the marriage of Dr. Croft and Miss Edith Blackford, of Medina, Ohio, daughter of T. P. Blackford. He is a member of the Knights of Pythias fraternity and is a Royal Arch Mason, holding membership with both the blue lodge and chapter of Medina. In politics he is a stanch Republican, and his political affiliation does not result from a mere cursory view over the political field, but is the result of close and careful study of the issues involving the weal or woe of the republic. He delights in the success of his chosen party and firmly upholds its principles.

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