John G. Stower

STOWER, John G., a United States Representative from New York; born in Madison, Madison County, N.Y., birth date unknown; completed preparatory studies; elected as a Jacksonian to the Twentieth Congress (March 4, 1827-March 3, 1829); member of the New York state senate, 1833 and 1834; death date unknown. [Source: http://bioguide.congress.gov/scripts/biodisplay.pl?index=S000986]

John G. Stower is prominent in the history of Madison County: 

History of Madison County, state of New York. Hammond, L. M. Syracuse, N.Y.: 1872.

...the desire to promote the cause of education became the paramount idea which actuated the important movements of those days. The leading minds of the village were deeply imbued with its sentiments, and freely used their means in the object.  As a first step, the Academy was originated .... its first trustees, who were also its founders were: ... John G. Stower. ( p. 434)

Hon. John G. Stower studied law with Judge Hubbard, and after having completed his studies, was, by Mr. Hubbard, received in co-partnership, with whom he continued until the removal of the latter to Utica. John G. Stower was appointed Judge of the Court of Common Pleas in 1821, serving till 1827. In 1827, he was elected to Congress from the Twenty-Second Congressional District, serving one term. Judge Stower was a man of great abilities, marred by one failing, intemperance. His remarkable talents won him great influence, so that he was exceedingly popular, and warmly beloved in a wide circle of friends. (p. 456)

Surrogates of Madison County.
Judge John G. Stower, Hamilton, appointed Feb. 19, 1821 (p. 148) 

State Senators from Madison County.
John G. Stower, Hamilton, 5th Dist, 1833-4-5

Members of Congress from Madison County.
John G. Stower, Hamilton, 22d Dist. 1827-29 (p. 151)

Our county and its people: a descriptive and biographical record of Madison County

Improvement in Towns--Hamilton

Other early attorneys of prominence who practiced in this village (Hamilton) were John G. Stower, who studied with Mr. Hubbard (Thomas Hill Hubbard) and was his partner until 1824; was surrogate from 1821 to 1827, representative in Congress in 1827-29 and State senator 1833-35. Judge Philo Gridley was for a short time a partner with Mr. Stower, and removed to Utica. (p. 256)

It was not until 1817 that Hamilton had a newspaper, nine years later than one was started in Peterboro and simultaneously with the starting of the Gazette and Madison County Advertiser, also in Peterboro. The Hamilton Recorder was founded in 1817 by John G. Stower and Dr. Peter B. Havens. (p. 257)

The Judiciary and Bar.

Another early lawyer of Hamilton was John G. Stower, who was a student with Mr. Hubbard, and after his admission to the bar formed a partnership with his preceptor, which continued until Mr. Hubbard removed to Utica. Mr. Stower was surrogate of Madison county from February 9, 1821, to April 13, 1827; representative in Congress from 1827 to 1829, and in April of the latter year was appointed United States attorney for the Southern District of Florida. He was elected State senator in 1833 and held the office continuously until his resignation in September, 1835. Mr. Stower was an able and conscientious lawyer. His death took place December 20, 1850. (pp. 496-497)

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