Wampsville, New York Photo Album

Wampsville, NY (village)
Population (1990): 501
Zip Code: 13032

These photographs were taken September 10, 1999 at the intersection of Genesee and Court Streets (Route 5) in Wampsville, NY. South on Court Street towards Lenox, a short distance from the center of this intersection, the Walnut Grove Cemetery is on the right side of the road.


Ward/Ingalls Home, 1840
Cited in Country Roads - Madison County's Heritage: A Resource for the Future,"
"Modeled after a Southern mansion, this house was built for Herman Ward's Southern bride although she died before seeing it."




The barn at the Ward/Ingalls farm





Wampsville Presbyterian Church, 1832
Cited in Country Roads: "This Federalist meeting house is one of the earliest churches in the area." Located on Genesee Street
(Rt. 5), across the street from the Ward/Ingalls homestead.

Walnut Grove Cemetery,
S. Court Street, 
Wampsville, NY

The first two generations of the Ingalls settlers in Madison County, beginning with James (Ingols) Ingalls, Sr., are buried in Walnut Grove Cemetery.


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